We get so many enquiries around ‘how should I pay my BDM?’ or ‘what pay structure with commission should I use?’. In this BDM Coach Podcast Episode, D...View Details

Most BDMS either have salespeople working in their company, or they can network with them in other companies in their marketplace. Whatever you do...y...View Details

Youtube is in the top three websites of the world so it makes sense to have your business on youtube, so your prospective clients can easily find you ...View Details

So many people are scared to use video as part of their dealing with a prospective client, yet that’s the very thing that will WIN you the business! W...View Details

When the phone rings with new business enquiry..so many offices with frontline staff DROP THE BALL right then and there...even before the BDM even get...View Details

It’s not about the property, but about the people. In this episode, Michael and Deniz show you how to HUMANISE your BDM Brand on Facebook, Instagram, ...View Details

Just because you ‘nailed’ the presentation that doesn’t mean that you’ve won the business too! You may know your scripts and your points of difference...View Details

If you want to be DIFFERENT than your competitors and stand-out, you need to do things differently to stand-out as well. The new client proposal is a ...View Details

So what are the key activities a top-performing BDM should be doing each day to help keep a strong consistent flow of leads coming through every week?...View Details

Investor Education evenings are a great way to get your ideal prospects into one room so you can connect, network, and find new business opportunities...View Details

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